Policies and Procedures

Book a Field Trip
• You can book a field trip and educational class experience either by completing the online Field Trip Reservation Request Form or by contacting the Education Department at 202/292-6650. 

• If you use the online Field Trip Reservation Request Form you will receive confirmation via e-mail within two business days. If you do NOT receive a confirmation e-mail within two business days or if you have any questions or concerns please contact the Education Department at 202/292-6650.

• Learning Center classes must be requested at least one week in advance. Please be advised that your preferred date may not be available, so have at least two dates in mind.

Arrival and Check-In

• Groups must load and unload their students on the Newseum’s C Street entrance unless notified otherwise. A Visitor Services representative will greet you and go over Newseum rules.

Reservation Changes and Cancellations

• Final student/chaperone counts are due one week prior to the field trip. If you need to make changes or cancel your field trip, please contact the Education Department at 202/292-6650 OR email educationprograms@newseum.org before the day of the trip.

Weekdays: During inclement weather, the Newseum follows the federal government’s decision regarding weekday business hours. Please check our website for all updated news on weather-related openings, closings or delays

Weekends: In case of snow or other potentially hazardous weather or emergency situations, a decision may be made to close the Newseum. These decisions are made after consulting the National Weather Service and Newseum personnel. Please call the Education Department at 202-292-6650 after 7 a.m. ET to verify if the Newseum is open for the day. 

If you cannot make your scheduled field trip due to inclement weather, please notify the Education Department or educationprograms@newseum.org by 8 a.m. of your scheduled visit. Please leave your name, reservation number and a message that you need to reschedule your field trip. A Newseum Education team member will be in contact with you to reschedule.

If the Newseum does not receive a voice mail or e-mail by 8 a.m. ET, we will assume you are keeping your scheduled field trip.

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