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Visitors Say

"The Newseum blows me away."

– Scott in "Quirky Travel Guy"

"Fascinating, relevant, interactive and just plain cool are some of the adjectives I would use to describe it. This is truly the 'Must See' museum in DC."

– Wayne Courtney on Facebook

"Six floors of wow."

– Ground Floor Media

"So much history all in just one place! I especially enjoyed the Civil Rights exhibit. It's amazing to see what African Americans have done to pave the way for future generations!"

– Jailon Lelia Berry on Facebook

"Visited the Newseum this weekend. Totally exceeded my expectations. Wonderful place to spend a few hours in D.C."

– Noel DeSena on Facebook

"I hate to admit it, but I'm one of these news nerds ... and D.C.'s Newseum is really contributing to the obsession."

– Matt Campbell on Twitter

"The Newseum is such a cool place! I could have spent 2 days there. Best place in D.C. for news junkies."

– Scott Schwebke on Twitter

"If you have never visited this museum, put it on your bucket list for sure."

– Mary Beth Marino on Facebook

"The Newseum was beyond what we expected – we LOVED it! Every exhibit – every nook and cranny – is a must see!! Thanks so much."

– JoAnn May on Facebook

"The Newseum ROCKS! I had a tour on Saturday and loved it!"

– Jane Rorrer on Facebook

"We visited the Newseum shortly after it opened in 2008. As a lifetime newspaper reporter and editor, I loved it. I could have stayed for days."

– Dennis Anderson on Facebook

"My favorite, favorite exhibit was the tribute to Tim Russert. Seeing his office, personal items (especially things from Luke) … made my trip."

– Marsha Snyder Green on Facebook

"Just left the Newseum, but only because it was time to close! What awesome exhibits and so much history! Can't wait to go back for another visit!"

– Stephanie True Moss on Facebook

"I went to a great HP event at the Newseum yesterday. Wasn't able to stay and check out the exhibits, but the building is awesome. I'll be back!"

– Avi Greenfield on Facebook

"The Newseum is as close to perfection as possible — no detail is overlooked."

– Michelle Newman, My

"Had the chance to explore the Newseum with the kids. We had an awesome time!"

– Lauren Cephus on Facebook

"The best museum experience I have ever had. ... I would definitely pay to go back."


"This place rocks."

– Bryan Syford Hoyle on Facebook

"I just visited the Newseum for the first time today for my journalism class and LOVED it! I'm definitely visiting again this summer!"

– Joey Potter on Facebook

"You guys are awesome!"

– Jim Gresham on Facebook

"Great place to visit. Fun & informative."

– Ali Munir on Facebook

"To say that this place is a marvel of technological innovation is like saying teenage girls found Elvis attractive."

– Bonnie Wach, The San Francisco Chronicle

"I thought the Newseum is the greatest place in the whole world."

– Dr. Kenneth Rosen in

"Fantastic museum. I plan to go back soon to see everything I didn't get to see on the school field trip."

– Joseph Benham on Facebook

"Anyone who's in the area should definitely make a point of going to the Newseum!!!!! It's a fascinating look at all things journalistic."

– Chris Ann Maxwell on Facebook

"Best Museum in D.C., hands down!"

– Nicole Pensiero on Facebook

"This is the best museum in D.C.!!! Powerful images, compelling content and amazing exhibits. Can't wait to go back!"

– Christine Blandina on Facebook

"Love the Newseum. Must see in D.C. (right after lunch at the Museum of the American Indian)"

– Stephen Schenck on Facebook

"Our new favorite museum!"

– Carla Gates on Facebook

"We're here right now....we're so glad we came. Fascinating!"

– Pam Rosenberg on Facebook via iPhone

"I went to the Newseum yesterday and oh my freaking goodness, I loved that place so much."


"Excellent museum. Up-to-date, hugely interactive and great use of archive. We meant to stay a couple of hours; it’s now been five!"

– Suzanne Shoesmith, London, England

"This place is awesome and gives a wonderful history of journalism. It also gives great perspective to the function of the free press."

– Cullen Mills, Georgetown, Texas

"It was hard to take it all in in one day! Great job putting together a fabulous collection. I learned a lot, and many of the exhibits moved me — especially the photos."

– Jim Zons, Colfax, Wis.

"From the information content to the interactive displays, this was an awesome experience."

– Gwen Cymerman, Orlando, Fla.

"This is now my favorite place to visit in D.C. … There was so much to keep me enthralled and just enough to keep the kids going."

– Audrey Zelanko, Cranberry Township, Pa.

"The most memorable moment was doing the "Be a Reporter" interactive game. It was cute and gave us a taste of how it felt to be a reporter."

– Kelechi Urama, Boonsboro (Md.) High School

"My husband and I made a special trip from Rochester, N.Y., to see it, and I can't wait to get back again."

– Susan Watson, Rochester, N.Y.
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