Student Shout-Outs

"I just want to thank you for the best time I have ever had at a museum. The museum was so different than any museum I’ve been to. The [4D] movie made me feel like I was there."
- Adrian S., student

"I liked the layout of all the front pages from all around the world. I think it is fascinating how they change the papers every morning. I liked it the most because I got to see the other things that are going on in the world."
Tyra D., student

"I really enjoyed this trip and the many exhibits featured in the Newseum. This trip gave me a feel of the “news world” and helped me in my aspiring career as a meteorologist."
-Nia S., student

"The Newseum was stupendous! The glass elevator was magnificent! The Berlin Wall was awesome!"
-Dara O., student

"My favorite part of [the Newseum] was the movie on 9/11. It motivated me to treasure the people around me more."
-Lai Ying C., student

"I liked the historic newspapers. I think it was really fun for people to get that close to history and read about it."
Franklin M., student

"My favorite part was the view of the Capitol. That view caused my jaw to drop. I had a Terrific time."
Aidan K., student

"Your museum is a truly engaging and informative forum for not only news, but also the political dynamics of our nation. Your exhibits on the freedom of speech, political ads, and countless others, illustrate the true relationship between news, journalism and politics."
-Christopher C., college student

"I really enjoyed the Newseum. One of my favorite exhibits was the Pulitzer Prize winning photographs. They told so much with just one photo. I enjoyed them because they were very meaningful."
-Lauren S., Student

"The Newseum is AWESOME! My favorite part was the interactive room. I loved being a reporter."
Birgitt O., Student

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