2010 Online Journalism Awards

Launched in May 2000, the OJAs are administered by the Online News Association, in partnership with the University of Miami's School of Communication.

Following are the winners, by category, with links to the entries.

Breaking News, Large Site
CNN.com: Haiti Earthquake
"The judges chose CNN's coverage of the Haiti earthquake for this category. Its complete and comprehensive entry and the use of the iReport provides immediate pipeline into what was happening on the ground as the quake continued, and then CNN backed that up with extraordinary support by all of its news-gathering resources. We found the personal tales in particular to be very moving."

Breaking News, Small Site
The Tennessean: Nashville Flood
"The judges chose to give this award to The Tennessean for coverage of the Nashville flood, which is a story that didn't capture national attention in the same way that other natural disasters around the globe did. Not only did The Tennessean do a good job of immediately reporting the facts on the ground, they also provided useful information for those people who were directly affected by the flood, at the same time showing images and video that told the story to help those not in Nashville understand the magnitude of what had happened."

Community Collaboration
West Seattle Blog: West Seattle's only 24/7 news source
"The standout winner was West Seattle Blog, which is among the best of its kind when it comes to local blogging. And it really distinguishes itself with solid reporting combined with deep, rich, authentic community collaboration."

Multimedia Feature Presentation, Large Site
The New York Times: Held by the Taliban
"The thing that was most impressive about this piece was the fact that there were no authentic assets for them to work with. There was no videotape at the time he was held captive, no images and no audio, but yet they were able to put together a multimedia piece that told the story so well, using David's words, 3D graphics and satellite imagery to recreate the escape. It was a very dramatic and personal story, yet they were able to tell it without being dramatic."

Multimedia Feature Presentation, Medium Site
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum, Domani Studios, The Martin Agency, AOL, AOL News, AOL SHOUTcast: We Choose the Moon
"This project has serious wow factor. AOL uses graphics, audio, video, photos and Twitter, everything you can think of to recreate the Apollo 11 mission. As one screener put it, 'When you think of multimedia storytelling, this is what you should envision.' This was a massive project perfectly executed. Truly engaging and impressive."

Multimedia Feature Presentation, Small Site
National Film Board of Canada: This Land
"'This Land' had compelling visuals, risky but successful sound design and a really wonderful story that we all wanted to watch to the end."

Multimedia Feature Presentation, Student
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism: A Seed is Forever
"The judges were impressed by the quality of the production of this piece. We were also impressed it was all put together by a single journalist. The reporter did the reporting, the programming of the flash site, did the design work and the video editing without compromising the quality of any of the elements. The story allows you to follow two different threads using guides. We thought this was something we would like to see more of generally in news industry. It helps lead the reader through the story, and that is what this site managed to do very well."


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

Gannett Foundation Award for Innovative Investigative Journalism, Small Site
ProPublica, the New Orleans Times-Picayune and Frontline: Law and Disorder


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

Gannett Foundation Award for Innovative Investigative Journalism, Large Site
The New York Times: Toxic Waters

Online Commentary/Blogging, Medium Site
Salon.com: Glenn Greenwald
"Glenn Greenwald from Salon tackled super huge issues: WikiLeaks and Afghanistan. What was great is his integration of links. It seems trivial, but every point that he makes was backed up or furthered some other place that he linked to on the Internet. Incredibly strong reader commentary and collaboration back to the readers. He didn't just post a commentary, he would come back and update the story. A great archival benefit for the Web as well."

Online Commentary/Blogging, Large Site
ESPN.com: Howard Bryant

Online Commentary/Blogging, Small Site
Caring.com: Dad Has Dementia
"The winner is a blog that appeared on the Caring.com website. The judges found that this was a simple but powerful and moving account of one person's experiences as she brings her father into her home to care for him after he has been diagnosed with dementia. It finds meaning in the prosaic day-to-day details of existence. It is also very honest, and we were impressed with the way the community engaged with this blog in terms of comments and back-and-forth with the author. We found it to be a powerful and moving experience."

Online Video Journalism, Large Site
The Toronto Star: William and the Windmill
"This incredibly inspiring story about a kid in Malawi who is famine-stricken and doesn't have a lot of resources who sees a picture of a windmill and decides that he is going to build one. Very visually sophisticated project using unique techniques produced by the Toronto Star. They use very creative techniques and use of type and original music, which created a very powerful piece of storytelling."

Online Video Journalism, Medium Site
The Las Vegas Sun and the Greenspun Media Group: Bottoming Out
"This is an incredibly powerful piece about one man's journey through the world of gambling addiction. It's documented in part by video he himself shot. What the judges found about this was that it was almost compulsively watchable. It was in one way predictable, because you knew where this was leading, but it was unpredictable in terms of what you were going to see next, what you were going to hear next and what you were going to feel next."

Online Video Journalism, Small Site
Yale Environment 360: Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining
"We found this compelling video of the environmental and social impacts of mountaintop removal mining to be beautifully shot and edited to really give viewers a feel of what's at stake in Appalachia for both the environment and its people. The video captures the emotions of the issue while still giving all sides a fair say. It really made the viewers feel like they were part of the affected community."


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

Online Video Journalism, Student
Knight Center for International Media, School of Communication, University of Miami: My Story, My Goal

Outstanding Use of Digital Technologies, Professional
The New York Times: Oil Spill Tracker

Outstanding Use of Digital Technologies, Student
No award was given in this category.

Online Topical Reporting/Blogging, Small Site
voiceofsandiego.org: Building a Community around Education Coverage
"The judges were impressed with the depth of coverage and wide range of use of social media tools, the quality of reporting and writing, and the sense of community the Voice of San Diego has been able to build around this site. Through conversations with their readers, their knowledge of the subject and a keen sense of analysis, they have become the go-to voice for understanding the issues on education in the San Diego area."

Online Topical Reporting/Blogging, Medium Site
Mother Jones: Team Coverage of BP Oil Spill
"Mother Jones wins with their incredible coverage of the BP oil spill. When the oil spill happened, Mother Jones, who has a wonderful history of investigative reporting particularly when it comes to corporate wrongdoing and about the environment, dispatched reporters to the Gulf to blanket the story. You have a very small magazine which took on the footprint of a very large one. In particular, you had two reporters who were troupers through this entire crisis. They wrote story after story that broke news and which uncovered wrongdoing by people like BP and the government. Over the course of several months they put out more than 300 stories and blog posts about the most interesting and troubled environmental disaster of our time. For a magazine that small to do work that was that good dazzled us."

Online Topical Reporting/Blogging, Large Site
CNN.com: Technology
"The judges were very impressed with the blog's use of multimedia and linking as an art form. But we also loved they covered technology, not as a series of gadgets but as a series of stories about really interesting people."

Specialty Site Journalism, Affiliated
"This is a great specialty food site. The judges loved it for several reasons; first, it is a beautiful site. You go to CHOW and you see gorgeous photographs of food of all sorts. It's a very useful site. The site has useful videos, great how-to videos about cooking, and recipes you can make. It's a site that really values its readers. There is a wonderful chance for readers to contribute recipes and create connections to Chow Hound, which is wonderful message boards for restaurants and foods. It also has a great sense of fun. The headlines are witty, and the articles are well written. The journalism doesn't take itself too seriously, yet brings energy and infectious enthusiasm and joy to a topic that people take pleasure in."

Specialty Site Journalism, Independent
theheart.org by WebMD
"This site quickly won the judges' hearts. At first the site is hard to understand, but that is part of its charm. Theheart.org is very much a site for the community that it intends to serve, a community of cardiologists. This is an independent non-industry–affiliated site for doctors who work on hearts. It was a robust, neat and nicely designed strongly journalistic site that covered issues that are near and dear to the hearts of cardiologists."


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

Knight Award for Public Service
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Flipping Fraud


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

Gannett Foundation Award for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

Outstanding Use of Emerging Platforms
NPR.org Mobile Applications


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

General Excellence in Online Journalism, Non-English, Large Site

General Excellence in Online Journalism, Non-English, Small Site

General Excellence in Online Journalism, Medium Site
The Las Vegas Sun and the Greenspun Media Group

General Excellence in Online Journalism, Small Site
The Texas Tribune

General Excellence in Online Journalism, Micro Site
California Watch and the Center for Investigative Reporting


V I D E O   S P O T L I G H T

General Excellence in Online Journalism, Large Site

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