This young tiger triggered one of the photographer's remote cameras in Kaziranga National Park. (Courtesy Steve Winter)


Pakistanis desperate to escape floodwaters cling to an Army helicopter carrying food supplies. (Courtesy Adrees Latif/Reuters)


Army Sgt. Brian Keith spends emotional last minutes with his wife and infant son before deploying for a yearlong mission to Afghanistan. (Courtesy Damon Winter/The New York Times)


Mourners release a dove at the funeral of five-year-old Aaron Shannon Jr., who was killed in his backyard by a bullet fired by gang members. (Courtesy Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times)


Pop music superstar Lady Gaga. (Courtesy Marco Grob/Time)


An anti-government protester in Bangkok tosses a tire onto a burning truck. (Courtesy Athit Perawongmetha)


Emma Lincoln-Smith trains for the 2010 Winter Olympics by carrying a large rock underwater at Sydney's Narrabeen Beach. (Courtesy Gregg Porteous/The Daily Telegraph)


Mohamed Salim, 62, is one of 18,000 rickshaw pullers working in Kolkata, India. (Courtesy Palani Mohan/Getty Images)


Horses flee an erupting volcano in Iceland. (Courtesy Etienne De Malglaive)


The New York Times published this photograph of the collapse of the Deepwater Horizon rig, taken by a worker on a nearby boat. (Courtesy The New York Times)


During the NBA's Western Conference Finals, Robin Lopez of the Phoenix Suns secures a rebound, while superstar guard Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers hits the deck. (Courtesy Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)


Young models wait backstage to walk in the Prada spring 2010 show during fashion week in Milan, Italy. (Courtesy Lauren Greenfield/Institute)


A young kinkajou pauses while feeding on the nectar of a balsa flower in Panama. (Courtesy Christian Ziegler)


American skier Lindsey Vonn carves a turn on her path to a bronze medal in the Super-G at the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Courtesy Mike Powell/Sports Illustrated)


(From left) Brothers Micah, 9, Elijah, 10, and Paul Anderson, 8, put on sunglasses to protect their eyes during a car trip. They have albinism, a genetic condition in which their skin, hair and eyes bear little or no pigment. (Courtesy Preston Gannaway/The Virginian-Pilot)


A young couple walks through the ruins of a downtown street in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Courtesy Jan Grarup)

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