The Washington Post

The Washington Post—Aug. 29, 1963 Readable PDF

As a seminal moment in the civil rights movement, it should come as no surprise that the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom made front-page news. On Aug. 29, 1963, The Washington Post ran the march as the centerpiece story. The article with the accompanying headline, "Mammoth Rally of 200,000 Jams Mall In Solemn, Orderly Plea for Equality," describes the day's events. Protesters had marched to the National Mall to hear speeches and musical performances promoting race equality and cooperation. A large color photo captures the congested, yet optimistic, scene in the capital. The editorial "A Mounting Tide … Toward Lincoln's Temple …" praises the march for peacefully bringing civil rights to the forefront of the national agenda. However, the Post does notmention the day's most iconic moment, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

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