January 22, 2007

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Newseum by the Numbers

How many words, images, artifacts and videos does it take to fill up a museum of news? We did the math.

  • 643,000 – Total square footage of the project at Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street, N.W.
  • 250,000 – Newseum square footage.
  • 146,000 – Residential square footage.
  • 100,000 – Words in the new Newseum scripts. Approximately half are in the News History Gallery.
  • 81,000 – Pounds of artifacts moved in to the building by the end of March 2007, including a
    CONUS 1 satellite truck and the Berlin Wall guard tower.
  • 35,000 – Total number of historic newspaper front pages in the Newseum collection, going back nearly 500 years.
  • 6,214 – Number of artifacts in the Newseum collection (excluding newspapers and photographs).
  • 3,800 – Images (cartoons, comics, front pages, photographs and other graphic elements) on display in the galleries and walkways.
  • 3,262 – Age, in years, of the oldest artifact in the Newseum collection, a Cuneiform brick from Sumeria. The second-oldest artifact in the Newseum collection, a statue of Thoth from ancient Egypt, is 2,756 years old.
  • 1,063 – Press passes in the Newseum collection.
  • 1,000 – Historic newspaper front pages and magazine covers accessible through 10 interactive kiosks in the News History Gallery.
  • 450 – Total investment, in millions of dollars, by the Freedom Forum in the project at Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street, N.W.
  • 367 – Historic newspapers and magazines on display in the News History Gallery.
  • 271 – Artifact donors with whom the curatorial staff has worked since the new Newseum project began.
  • 137 – Height, in feet, of the building at its tallest point.
  • 130 – Interactive stations featuring more than two dozen different interactive programs throughout the Newseum.
  • 100 – Minimum number of different video productions in the new Newseum; and the number of miles of fiber-optic cable ordered for the Newseum; also the distance in feet that the three main elevators will glide between the lowest (Concourse) level and the top level of the Newseum.
  • 99 – Television sets in the Newseum collection.
  • 90 – Height, in feet, of the Great Hall of News atrium (compared with the 68-foot-tall Sistine Chapel and the 96-foot-tall hall of Washington, D.C.’s Union Station).
  • 76 – Nondigital cameras in the Newseum collection.
  • 69 – Artifact lenders with whom the curatorial staff has worked since the new Newseum project began.
  • 68 – Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers interviewed for the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery. The Pulitzer kiosk features more than 15 hours of content and more than 1,000 photographs.
  • 50 – Tons of Tennessee marble used to create the First Amendment tablet on the building’s Pennsylvania Avenue façade.
  • 48 – Number of 32-inch monitors embedded in two walls (24 on each wall) of the 28-foot-tall minitheater in the Internet, TV and Radio Gallery.
  • 40 – Typewriters in the Newseum collection.
  • 28 – Reporters’ notepads and notebooks in the Newseum collection.
  • 15 – Theaters (Includes the Annenberg Theater, Big Screen Theater, Documentary Theater, Sports Theater, 3 Orientation Theaters, Five News History Gallery “Sidebar” Theaters, and theaters in the Pulitzer, 9/11 and Internet, TV and Radio galleries.)
  • 14 – Major galleries (Includes Today’s Front Pages; Early News; Great Books; News History; 9/11; First Amendment; World News; Journalists Memorial; Internet, TV and Radio; Pulitzer Prize Photographs; Berlin Wall; Ethics Center; Interactive Newsroom; and the Changing Exhibits Gallery.)
  • 12 – Additional exhibit areas (Includes Comics, CONUS and CNN videophone, Pennsylvania Avenue Terrace, Bolles car, spotlight on photojournalism, Five Freedoms Walkway, New Yorker cartoons, World in Pictures, Unforgettable Photos, Pennsylvania Avenue front pages, helicopter, and satellite.)
  • 8 – Sections of the Berlin Wall, each weighing approximately three tons and measuring 12 feet high and four feet across.
  • 7 – Levels.
  • 5 – Digital cameras in the Newseum collection.
  • 2 – Television studios.
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