March 9, 2007

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Tragedy tops N.Y. tabs; Bush in Brazil draws protests

With no big national story to run with, editors led with local news at most newspapers today. As usual, tabloids provided the most interesting front pages, using graphic images and bold headlines.

A tragic fire in the Bronx was the big story for the Big Apple tabs. The New York Post ran the headline “Agony” over a photo of three of the young brothers who died in the fire. “Dad Could Not Save Them” according to the Daily News, which ran photos of the mom and two babies who perished in the inferno.

The Philadelphia Daily News fronted a story about a restaurant owner who fought back and shot two armed robbers with “Diner Take-Out.” The shootout was apparently captured on a cell phone.

Workers at the Maryland Department of Transportation in Baltimore may find their bosses looking over their shoulder today, after The Examiner’s lead story: “Report: Sexual Web sites viewed at work.” 

Images from the hyper-violent Hollywood film “300” made a number of front pages today. Link from Hampton Roads, Va., ran a blood-splattered treatment of the title over a sword-swinging Spartan warrior, while Chicago’s RedEye titled its coverage of the film “Weekend Warriors.” But in health-conscious Santa Ana, Calif., the OC Post went with a photo of French fries to report that “O.C. Trims Trans Fat.”

You don’t have to read Portuguese to know what happened when President Bush visited Brazil yesterday. Images of police battling protesters dominated Brazilian front pages, with the Jornal Do Brasil reporting that it was an “Inconvenient Visit.”

Canada’s Ottawa Sun proved that our northern neighbors have a sense of humor, with the headline “That’s No Choke” about a victory for the local hockey team. But perhaps the most clever headline of the day came from the Tampa Bay Times. After a 10th-grade student exposed himself to a school bus driver, who did not report the incident, the paper titled the story “A Peep at the Wheel.”

Paul Sparrow is the Newseum’s vice president for broadcasting and programs.

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