June 11, 2007

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Covering tales of the heart, mob hits — real and on TV

With less than unanimity about what should lead the daily newspapers of America today, we thought this might be an opportune time to do an unscientific sampling of the tabloids and tabloid-type dailies to see what they were offering to their readers on a quiet Monday morning.

The OC Post in Santa Ana, Calif., focuses on the “Many eyes on UCI” — the University of California, Irvine, for non-locals — explaining that those “eyes” involve “Campus battles perception amid Jewish-Muslim war of words.” For the Tahoe Daily Tribune in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., Page One is devoted to “Endless winter” up in the mountains with a smaller piece about the effects of global warming on the lake. Moving over to Denver and the Rocky Mountain News, Page One features a large photo of a 10-year-old who received his second heart transplant in February being hugged by his mother and his effort to enlist more donors in what is reported as a “Cause close to his hearts.”

tbt — aka Tampa Bay Times in St. Petersburg, Fla. — tells of “An untold tale of terror,” touted as “A horrific murder case with white victims and black defendants gets little publicity” and asks “Why?” The Chicago Sun-Times reports on “The Mob hit on our dad,” quoting one child saying “I remember seeing (him) lying in the grass” But for RedEye, also in Chicago, the “So long, rat race” asks “Would you leave your life behind to live your dream” and invites you to read on to “Find out how these Chicagoans started over.”

New York Post offers the reader a choice of reading about the final episode of the Sopranos or about “Scare planes” and the “Five near misses over N.Y. in May” while Newsday out on Long Island fills much of Page One with pictures of bottles and tells you to read on about “New push to add deposit to more beverage containers.” AM New York whoops up “50 and Fabulous,” all about “Puerto Rican parade marks milestone.” Philadelphia Daily News wants its readers to be concerned about “The real cost of crack,” reporting about babies becoming addicted in the womb, while Metro in the same city doesn’t like the ending of the Sopranos and wants to tell you why. The Citizens’ Voice up in Wilkes-Barre Pa. offers a softer problem about an area couple planning a vacation to Australia but finding themselves in “Passport purgatory.” And you thought you had problems.

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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