August 9, 2007

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Lots going on today under the Sun

Have you ever noticed how many American newspapers have the word Sun in the nameplate? We worked for two such dailies, one on each coast, when we were young enough to wish that our last name was Brown so we could introduce ourselves as “Brown from The Sun.” We thought this morning we would take a look at what’s news under or in The Sun.

The Merced Sun-Star in California plays up a local story — “Mosquito district defends aerial spraying program” — that means something to the locals, while the Charlotte Sun in Florida gives over much of Page One to a local story that is national in scope: “It’s a go” as “Shuttle blasts off,” including a big pre-launch photo. The Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale also plays up a local story — “Southwest Ranches hits the small screen” which is explained in the drop head, “Telenovelas trade glitz of Miami for more rural settings.”

The Chicago Sun-Times gives over its front page to “Brangelina arrives in Chicago,” promising “the scoop on where they are sleeping … eating, filming and where you might catch a glimpse of the world’s hottest couple,” if you care. The Sun-Journal in Lewiston, Maine, warns the public about the hurricane season, noting that “It only takes one storm,” while The Sun in Baltimore is checking on bridges that may not be as safe as they should be. The Sun up in Lowell, Mass., offers today’s readers an array of stories, including one below the fold reporting “Area’s Asian population surges.”

The SunHerald in Biloxi, Miss., has a couple of Page One stories about the opening of schools, while the Las Vegas Sun has a front-page square-off noting that “The EPA is concerned that the density of new coal-burning plants proposed in Nevada is in excess of the demonstrated need for energy throughout the western states.” The New York Sun plays up the weather-related problems of yesterday with the headline, “It’s frustrating, it’s insanity,” which may say it all. For The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, S.C., the big story is that “Area Hispanic population booms” while Kitsap Sun in Bremerton, Wash., has a head sure to get to you: “If you hear them hoot, scoot! Foul owls on the island prowl.”

P.S. There don’t seem to be as many newspapers with The Sun in the name as there were yesteryear, but there aren’t as many newspapers today.

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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