October 1, 2007

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Headlines root for home team, as Phillies finish ahead of the Mets

Whether the news is good or bad often depends on your point of view.

That was true on front pages today as the regular baseball season drew to a close:

  • The New York Times announced the Philadelphia Phillies clinching the National League East title over the New York Mets with “In Bitter End to Epic Skid, Mets Are Out.”
  • The Philadelphia Daily News celebrated “Red October: Those amazing Phillies head for the playoffs.”
  • • Philadelphia neighbors at The News Journal in Wilmington, Del., had a little phun, er, fun: “Phillies ‘Phinally’ back in playoffs.”
  • • And The Philadelphia Inquirer bragged “Playoff bound! Ending a 14-year drought, Phils taste sweet victory.”
  • • The New York Post with “Cryin’ Shame” and Long Island, N.Y.’s Newsday with “Crying Shame” both used photos of young Mets fans weeping in the stands.

Varied perspectives also came clear in political headlines. The Examiner — Washington, D.C. quoted Republication presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani boasting “I can ‘beat Hillary.’” Not so sure about Rudy are members of the religious right, says the Los Angeles Times: “Evangelicals split on GOP field.”

A new term for the U.S. Supreme Court means a “Contentious Agenda for High Court,” said The Hartford (Conn.) Courant. News that the court will hear challenges to the use of a lethal cocktail in some executions had a local angle for the Florence, Ala., Times Daily: “State Faces Execution Challenge.”

Sports and politics aside, on a slow-news Monday, editors relied on pieces by The Associated Press on the Soviet space launch of Sputnik and on student loans to fill their front pages.

“Sputnik at 50: Soviets won space race by launching a makeshift satellite,” the Anchorage (Alaska) Daily News said. The Fresno (Calif.) Bee offered: “Secrets emerge about first orbit.”

The Bradenton (Fla.) Herald used an illustration of a graduate dragging a ball and chain with the headline “Degree of debt.” The Reading (Pa.) Eagle warned: “Crisis feared in college loan spike.” The Johnson City (Tenn.) Press had both the Sputnik and the loan story: “Explosion in student loan costs raise concerns.”

Patty Rhule is a project editor at the Newseum.

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