October 5, 2007

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Bill Clinton tells of his assignment if Hillary makes it to White House

What is arguably the most interesting story today in the U.S. presidential campaign appears not in an American newspaper but on Page One of The Guardian, in London. There one reads that “If Hillary Clinton wins the US presidency, Bill Clinton will be given the job of repairing America's damaged international reputation, the former President tells the Guardian in an interview today.” The story reports that Clinton “reveals that his wife has said she would ask him to ‘go out and immediately restore America's standing, go out and tell people America was open for business and cooperation again’ after eight years marked by unilateralist policies that have ‘enrage[d] the world’.” What’s the former president doing in London? Raising money for his wife’s campaign, and promoting his new book.

Bill Clinton didn’t make it to Page One of the other two United Kingdom dailies on our Web site today. The Daily Telegraph in London has three closed-circuit photos of Princess Diana and her friend Dodi Fayed across the top of Page One titled, “The last embrace” while The Herald in Glasgow leads with police recovering a stolen da Vinci painting in, of all things, a “law firm raid.”

We thought we would see how the Idaho Statesman in Boise is playing the changed position of Sen. Larry Craig re staying or going. Above a photo of the senator is a head that almost says it all, in caps: “CRAIG STAYS PUT.” And if you haven’t been following the story, below the photo is a sidebar: “THEN: ‘It is my intent to resign’” and another one with the head: “NOW: ‘I will continue to serve.’” The Denver Post finds room on the front page for a story with the lead, “The Colorado State University editor who used the F-word in the student newspaper will keep his job,” a local story that has attracted national attention, since the F-word was aimed at President Bush.

Two dailies have front-page heads that are sure to attract attention. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution announces “BUYING BINGE,” about state workers’ use of official credit cards, while in the city of brotherly love The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “Three funeral directors held in selling body parts.”

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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