November 16, 2007

Today's Front Pages Analysis

President Bush clears the air; Barry Bonds's legal affair

With Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season less than a week away, one thing is on many people's minds: traveling. Planes, trains and automobiles, oh my! But which is the best way to travel?

President Bush made flying seem like a viable option again yesterday, revealing a plan to open up some military airspace along the East Coast to ease congestion. The Aurora (Colo.) Sentinel called this space "Rare Air," but The Kansas City Star's Scrooge-esque headline "Long lines, flight delays likely" seemed pessimistic about the plan’s effect. The Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel gave us "The Plane Truth" in a front-page article about the overcrowded skies.

Driving is always an option, but are rising gas prices a deterrent? No, said the News Sentinel in Knoxville, Tenn., with the headline, "Have fuel, will travel (price no object)." However you decide to go, The Indianapolis Star warned, "Check Your Plans, Cross Your Fingers" in its Thanksgiving travel guide, and Cleveland's Plain Dealer suggested travelers "Be sure to pack some patience for your journey," in their "Holiday travel turbulence" story.

The big national story today was the story of baseball star Barry Bonds's indictment on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. The Daily News of Los Angeles quipped, "Homer king strikes out." Hackensack, N.J.'s The Record said, "Steroids can't help him now."

The hometown papers of Bonds's former team, the San Francisco Giants, said "Busted!" (San Francisco Examiner) and the San Francisco Chronicle tried to explain "The Case Against Bonds" with answers to questions like "What's Next?" and "What Is Perjury?" on the front page.

And finally, our vote for most creative Bonds front page goes to the New York Post, which spelled out "Liar" in asterisks, a notation that might end up going next to Bonds's record.

Emily Hedges is an assistant editor at the Newseum.

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