November 27, 2007

Today's Front Pages Analysis

International talks about Palestine rate Page One coverage today

American efforts to broker the establishment of a Palestinian state is Page One news here, there and places in between as the 40-nation talks start today in Annapolis, Md.

For The New York Times, the news is in the analysis of what is happening, and that’s the lead story, clearly labeled “news analysis,” and claiming that “Bush Is Offering a Nudge, Not a Shove, to Start Off Wide-Ranging Peace Talks.” The Washington Post leads with “Restrained Optimism for Mideast Peace Talks,” even as The Philadelphia Inquirer reports “Caution, hope on Mideast summit.” Chicago Tribune squares off “Bush makes late peace push,” and the Los Angeles Times offers a straight “Mideast delegates convene.”

What about the region where peace may be good but also is controversial? Haaretz in Tel Aviv, Israel, banners “Bush to call for two nation states,” with the drop head noting that “Tehran feels alone in region” as the major non-invitee to the talks.” The Jerusalem Post in Israel leads with a claim that the Palestinian Authority “must control Gaza before getting a state,” touching on a controversial aspect of the talks, the divided rule in Palestine, and an off-lead story reporting the Russians expect to host a post-Annapolis summit. The conference makes for the lead story in the English-language Iran Daily in Tehran with a warning about “No Compromise on Values.” Gulf News in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates leads with “Bush embarks on final push for Mideast peace,” while An-Naher in Beirut, Lebanon, has a Page One photo and story as does Essahafa in Tunis, Tunisia.

Moving up to Europe, Suddeutsche Zeitung in Munich, Germany, takes an optimistic approach with a story and the head “Peace signals in Annapolis.” Corriere Della Sera in Milan, Italy, has a photo of a woman blowing the traditional ram’s horn and a head reporting “Bush and the peace talks; they are optimistic.” Le Monde in Paris also plays the story on Page One, while The Guardian in London reports a “Frantic bid to bridge Middle East divide.”

No one knows what the outcome will be, but the world’s newspapers will be watching and reporting.

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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