February 5, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Super Tuesday makes Page One in some countries, not in others

We wondered whether the rest of the world cares about voters in 24 U.S. states picking their candidates for president today. The simple answer seems to be that some dailies care, while others don’t.

The Kurier in Vienna, Austria, has photos of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the top of Page One, with a tease to a story inside. De Morgen in Brussels, Belgium, reports on Super Tuesday — yes, those are the words used with possibly universal appeal — with a Page One story and photo of Obama at a meeting. Pictures of Clinton are on Page One of two dailies in Prague, Lidove Noviny and Hospodarske Noviny. In Paris, La Tribune claims that “Le Super Tuesday” is haunted by a recession.

Meanwhile, Die Tageszeitung in Berlin devotes most of Page One to an American flag, with Obama way down below and a tease to stories on four inside pages. The Irish Examiner in Cork, Ireland, teases to inside stories with photos of Obama and Clinton just below the nameplate, and The Herald in Glasgow, Scotland, has a teary Clinton at the top of the page while reporting, “Polls show close Super Tuesday finish.” In London, The Daily Telegraph asks its readers — in a head above the nameplate — to “Follow super-duper Tuesday live online,” while The Guardian offers “free inside” an 8-page guide to the elections. Diario de Noticias in Lisbon, Portugal, has a Page One photo of a pensive Obama, while Corriere della Sera in Milan, Italy, has a photo of Clinton and Obama together above the fold.

The Iran Daily in Tehran has a Page One story about “White House campaign in frenzy,” while The Jerusalem Post has Mike Huckabee at the top of the page and Clinton at the bottom. Al Watan in Damascus, Syria, has a story and photos of Clinton and Obama at the bottom of Page One. Gulf News in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, leads with “Clinton enters Super Tuesday with reduced lead.” There isn’t all that much interest in Asia, but The Asahi Shimbun English-language daily in Tokyo reports at the bottom of the page that “U.S. Democrats in Japan to make voices heard in ‘global primary.’” The Nation in Bangkok, Thailand, says that “US braces for decisive ‘Super Tuesday,’” while the Manila Standard Today in the Philippines reports “Super Tuesday: Obama closes in on Clinton.” We found only limited interest in South America.

Note the absence of much coverage of the Republican candidates? Nothing personal; we report what we see.

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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