March 3, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

There are more things between heaven and earth than tomorrow’s primaries

Television may have made Tuesday’s primary elections the centerpiece of all that is important to Sunday morning viewers but the nation’s newspaper editors found other stories of interest for the Monday morning readers.

The Anchorage Daily News up in Alaska whoops up “The real race begins,” with Page One photo and story about the “mushers hit the Iditarod trail,” while the San Francisco Chronicle leads with “California’s highest court taking up gay marriage” and the Los Angeles Times leads with another election, the one in Russia, reporting “Clear win, hazy times in Russia.” Way out in the Pacific, The Honolulu Advertiser squares off at the top of the front page the fact that “81% of teachers make grade,” which we assume is a good thing, and also gives much space to a photo and story about a “WWII internment camp revisited and remembered” by survivors and relatives of “an estimated 1,440 U.S. citizens of Japanese, German and Italian descent as well as nationals from those countries,” adding that “Their only crime was that they looked like the enemy.”

In Phoenix, The Arizona Republic squares off “Russians select new president” while The Truth in Elkhart, Ind., notes “Putin likely to keep calling the shots” and the Lansing State Journal in Michigan is concerned about “Neighborhood schools disappearing” while The Forum in Fargo, N.D., worries about “Southside Fargo police calls surge” as the Tulsa World in Oklahoma tells that “Tribal gambling puts millions in state pot.” The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville takes a different approach to the news, leading with “Supreme Court may revisit TV’s ‘7 dirty words’” while The Island Packet serving Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, S.C., leads with the Russian election but tops it with concerns about “The fate of island day laborers.” Even the newspaper of record, The New York Times, doesn’t play up the election, leading with “States and cities start rebelling on bond ratings” while The Washington Post decides that “Palestinian president suspends peace talks” is the story of the day.

Tomorrow voters in some of the key states go to the polls so maybe some dailies will look at the world differently. Until then, we’re going to check out the Chicago RedEye offering today: “Need a boost? Don’t wind up exhausted — how to find the energy to beat the winter blahs.”

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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