March 6, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

From the White House to a clean house

Historic moments and a story about housework gave front pages a creative mix today.

President Bush’s White House embrace of Republican presidential nominee John McCain made front pages everywhere. “In his corner,” said The Day in New London, Conn. “GOP conservatives try to come to grips with their nominee,” said The (Baltimore) Sun, under a photo of Bush and McCain shaking hands. The Washington Post had an image of the men beside the flag with “A Presidential Endorsement for McCain.” The Washington Times used a similar image, with a different analysis, reflecting its opinion that “McCain helped Bush see the light/Senator often led on issues.” The Chicago Tribune ran a close-up of the two under the headline “Bitter rivals set aside differences.”

A recently discovered photo of teacher Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller, the blind, deaf and mute girl whose story inspired books, plays and movies found a place on many pages. “Historic Find,” touted the Times Daily in Florence, Ala. “Stunning Helen Keller Photo Discovered,” said The Ledger in Lakeland, Fla., along with a box of facts about the girl.

In the category of housework, a story about men taking on more household and childcare duties was surprising enough to make front pages. The San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News had a photo of a guy in an apron toting a feather duster and the headline “Home equity? Men are doing more of the chores, but women still do most.” Said The Record in Stockton, Calif., “Dads still not pulling weight/But more men help with child care, chores, report says.”

Our “sure, I’ll read that story” headline of the day goes to the Post-Tribune in Merrillville, Ind., with “Police: Worms-in-salad scam exposed when woman leaves her purse behind.” Patty Rhule is a project editor at the Newseum.

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