April 12, 2008

Newseum’s News Hound revs up the crowd. (Sam Kittner/Newseum)

Newseum’s Roving News Hound Gets the Scoop on Visitors

He spots newsworthy visitors, bringing his microphone to the ready and charging onto the scene with a high five or a big hug.

He is the Newseum’s popular News Hound mascot, reporting live with style. He roams the building inside and out — greeting excited visitors, posing with them for photos and letting them speak their mind. Say something funny, and he’ll offer a hearty laugh.

Doug Cuero sang into the News Hound’s microphone while waiting in line with his classmates to get inside.

“I wanted to get everybody hyped before we got in,” Cuero said.

The News Hound is also quite the gentleman.

“He’s so sweet, he kissed my hand,” said Juhi Shukla, who met the News Hound in The New York Times–Ochs-Sulzberger Great Hall of News.

Like every good journalist, the crowd-pleasing mascot knows the value of a good story or photograph when he sees it. He encourages visitors to practice their photojournalism skills by using their cameras to document their experiences at the Newseum.

Sharon Lu and her friend, Samantha, posed with the News Hound in the News Corporation News History Gallery.

“He’s fun, sort of elegant, slightly sophisticated and cool,” Lu said.

Some visitors said having a Newseum mascot adds considerably to their Newseum experience.

“He really gets people excited to come,” said Mark Shafrir, who was visiting with Shukla and friends. “You walk in, he greets you, and my initial thought — especially when he gave Juhi a hug — was that this is like Disney World.”

For the News Hound, it’s all a part of the work day.

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