April 24, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Money on your mind?

From pricey school proms in Norwich, Conn., to the cost of gas for car-racing fans in Anniston, Ala., articles on Americans’ financial woes marked today’s front pages.

The Wall Street Journal gave readers a double-dose: The top story focused on the country’s deepening economic crisis, while, just below that, readers learned hard times for restaurants meant “No free sour cream.”

In Los Angeles, the Daily News reported at the top of its page that city budget shortfalls will be “Hitting Angelenos in wallet.” While over in Colorado, The Denver Post gave prominence to a report about big-box grocery stores limiting customer purchases: “As rice gets pricey, stores clamp down.”

Up in Michigan, The Detroit News told families “Student loan plan dropped” because of the poor credit market, while down South there was this stark prediction from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Airline woes likely to push fares up.”

Less prominent but still on the front page: The Chicago Tribune noted that “At $3.75 a gallon, more drivers park it,” and The Miami Herald announced, “Agency for the poor faces financial crisis.”

After seeing all that doom-and-gloom, check out the Las Vegas Sun, where the leading news story, “Buyers sign $30 million deal for topless club,” is curiously juxtaposed with a feature titled, “Through his church a community thrives.”

Bridget Gutierrez is an exhibits writer at the Newseum.

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