May 8, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

College life hits the front pages

As the school year winds down, many college- and university-related stories are making front pages around the country. Some of the topics of front-page stories include:

Money: Mesa, Ariz.'s East Valley Tribune reported that “ASU (Arizona State University) fears its enrollment will fall with budget cuts.” In good financial news, The Morning News (Springdale, Ark.) reports that the University of Arkansas is planning raises for its employees next year.

Students: The Moscow-Pullman (Idaho) Daily News did a personality profile on students who came to local New Saint Andrews College and found their future spouses.

Athletics: The (Tucson) Arizona Daily Star featured a front-page story about a University of Arizona softball player who is making a comeback from a brain injury.

Fraternities: "Reputation of frat is hardly brotherly: Allegations include drugging, sex assaults" at a Tulane fraternity, according to New Orleans's Times-Picayune.

Drugs: The president of San Diego State University is receiving praise and criticism for inviting federal drug agents to try to get undercover information from students about drug use on campus, according to a story in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Dorms: DeKalb, Ill.'s Daily Chronicle said Northern Illinois University was seeking $7.7 million to remodel a campus dormitory. An 83-year-old women's dormitory at the University of Tennessee saw its last residents move out this week, according to Knoxville's News Sentinel. The building will be renovated and converted into a research lab.

Transportation: The Honolulu Advertiser reported on the addition of a new public transit stop only a short walk from the University of Hawaii-West Oahu, making it more convenient for students to access the campus.

Campus: The main building at Our Lady of the Lake University was destroyed by a fire, according to a front-page story from the San Antonio (Texas) Express-News. A dramatic aerial photo of the burned building tells the story.

Professors: Professors and their crazy commencement wear is the topic of a feature in the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram. Perhaps the most bizarre front-page college reference of the day comes to us in the form of a (Bridgeport) Connecticut Post photo of two community college teachers battling with chicken-shaped piñatas on sticks. No word on how to win the game or what the prize was. Emily Hedges is an assistant editor at the Newseum.

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