June 30, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Spain wins its first major soccer title in 44 years

It was a victory 44 years in the making and waiting, but it happened and it’s Page One news for the winners, the losers and the country where it happened. Even the U.S. newspaper of record, The New York Times, uses a Page One tease to send readers inside to read about “Spain’s first major soccer title in 44 years.”

Let’s start with the winner of the Euro Cup — SPAIN — which we will salute in capital letters. All of Spain’s dailies on Newseum.org have the story on Page One. El Mundo in Madrid unabashedly proclaims, “The glory of Spain,” with a page-wide photo. Malaga Hoy in Malaga fills the page with a photo showing one of the players holding high the cup as the newspaper reports “Champions,” while La Vanguardia in Barcelona also carries a large picture and hails the “Masters of Europe.” Diario de Burgos in Burgos also likes the word “Champions” over a big picture, while La Gaceta de Canarias in Santa Cruz de Tenerife does roughly the same.

What about the losers? After all, the score was 1-0. Der Tagesspiegel in Berlin has a photo and a banner headline that “Germany loses — and celebrates today,” while the Augsburger Allgemeine in Augsburg does much the same with the headline, “Germany nevertheless celebrates today.” Our friends at the Heilbronner Stimme in Heilbronn have three Page One photos and a banner headline reporting that “Spain conquers Europe’s football summit,” while the Neue Westfaelische in Bielefeld has a photo and the words “It would have been so lovely,” and below that, “Deutschland-Spanien 0:1.” The Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichetn in Potsdam carries the banner, “Spain storms the summit.”

What about where it happened, Vienna? The Kurier in Vienna probably says it best with a Page One headline telling all about the “Spanish summer fairy tale,” and how Spain beat Germany 1-0 and won the title for the first time since 1964. Other Austrian newspapers were not quite as exuberant.

You’ll find the Spanish victory Page One news in Diari d’Andorra in Andorra, in De Morgen in Brussels, Belgium, in Nepszabadsag in Budapest, Hungary, in La Repubblica in Rome, in The Guardian in London and elsewhere. We give today’s prize jointly to Dagens Nyheter in Stockholm, Sweden, for its “Viva Espana!” headline and to Lidove Noviny in Prague for managing to get the word “Ole” in its headline, even using the proper accent that we cannot find on our computer.

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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