September 8, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Dailies report mortgage giants’ takeover while worrying about another hurricane

Two stories rate special attention today — the federal takeover of the two mortgage giants and the weather — the weather that was, the weather that is and the weather that may be.

Looking at the Florida dailies, the storm that is today and possibly tomorrow’s big story is Hurricane Ike, which has been slamming Cuba and seems headed for Florida. Harking back to the 1952 election, when supporters of Dwight D. Eisenhower wore buttons with the slogan “I LIKE IKE,” Hernando Today in Brooksville speaks for just about everyone in the state with the head “We don’t like Ike,” while the Bradenton Herald banners “Government seizes mortgage giants” but plays up the “Danger Zone” with a photo and map, noting that “Authorities beg Key West residents to evacuate.” The Charlotte Sun leads with “Keys residents weigh evacuation” but also reports “Government takes over mortgage giants”; The Daytona Beach News-Journal takes on “Hurricane Season 2008” with a map and “Keys residents weigh evacuation ahead of Ike” but doesn’t forget the mortgage story; and the Sun Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale banners “U.S. mortgage takeover” above the nameplate but leads with “Ike slams into Cuba” and a report about South Florida being “frazzled but lucky” after the storms. El Nuevo Herald in Miami leads with “Ike desata su furia,” or “Ike unleashes its fury.”

With Louisiana another state that may be hit by the hurricane, The Times-Picayune in New Orleans banners “State keeps close eye on menacing Ike” while updating the problems of the previous storm with a couple of stories, including one about “More lights flicker to life.” The Advocate in Baton Rouge reports “Keep watch on Ike” but also notes that “Many still waiting for power” after the last storm while The Times in Shreveport plays up that the previous storm “drained coffers” with “Local non-profits feeling the pinch.”

In North Carolina, hit by the previous storm and concerned about the next one, The Fayetteville Observer reports that “Officials in Ike’s path worry about hurricane fatigue setting in,” The Daily Reflector in Greenville leads with “Powerful Ike churns towards Gulf of Mexico” and the Winston-Salem Journal reports “Ike pointed at Havana, Dumps on Haiti.”

We’re not there but we agree with the folks at Hernando Today — this time we don’t like Ike.

Gene Mater is a Freedom Forum media consultant.

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