October 13, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Searching for relief from economic gloom

Weary of news on the financial front? On today’s front pages there’s a little relief, with articles that take the mind away from that 401k.

The Los Angeles Times injects levity with “Satellite radio sweeps Stern off cultural radar,” an update on shock-jock Howard Stern, who apparently is not shocking as many as he used to.

In “Bottled water company steamed about radio ad,” The Miami Herald reports that the maker of Zephyrhills was none too pleased about a recent advertisement touting the virtues of Miami-Dade’s (free) tap water. “It may have sounded innocuous to most listeners,” Curtis Morgan writes, “but the 30-second spot left the nation’s largest purveyor of bottled water boiling mad.” You don’t say.

From The Boston Globe, there’s this intriguing item: “Bid to canonize girl draws mixed reaction,” in which readers learn of a movement to make a saint out of a dead Massachusetts girl who nearly drowned when she was 3. In other religious news, The Wall Street Journal asks: “Is the Pope’s Newspaper Catholic?” Stacey Meichtry reports that the Vatican’s 147-year-old L’Osservatore Romano is forgoing religious tracts for honest-to-goodness articles. “There was a really precise request from the paper’s publisher,” Editor-in-Chief Giovanni Maria Vian told Meichtry; “in this case, the publisher just happens to be the pope.”

Internet domain names are changing, according to today’s Orlando Sentinel. “The change is part of perhaps the biggest expansion ever to Internet addresses, with the makeover of so-called ‘top-level domains’ beginning perhaps as early as next year,” Etan Horowitz reports. “But it won’t come cheap ? getting a new domain will likely be at least $100,000.” Yikes.

In the Pioneer Press, a heartwarmer about a community rallying to give a young couple a $60,000 dream wedding takes up three-quarters of the page. “The flowers? Free. The cake? Gratis. The hotel suite? On the house,” the subheadline reads. “After a year of recovering from injuries suffered in the Interstate 35W bridge collapse, Mercedes Golden is about to marry Jake Rudh.” How nice.

Finally, when all other news fails to lift the gloom, look for the tried-but-true animal tale. Today’s installment comes from The Charlotte Observer, where under “HE’S JUST A BIG, HAIRY CINDERELLA” the newspaper tells readers: “When Beau came to Polkton, he could hardly stand up. Now he’s a handsome, lovable champion.”

If a puppy dog doesn't take your mind off your money, nothing will.

Bridget Gutierrez is an exhibits writer at the Newseum.

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