October 24, 2008

Today's Front Pages Analysis

Former Fed chairman takes his lumps on front pages.

A close-up picture of a dour-looking Alan Greenspan sporting a severe hangdog expression is the lead photo on many of today's front pages this morning.

And you wonder why people aren't buying newspapers.

The former Federal Reserve chairman appeared before the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill yesterday and was at the receiving end of criticism from some members of Congress who blamed his economic policies for the financial mess we are in today.

"Alan Greenspan — Called on the Carpet," is the headline in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette featuring not one, not two, but thee closeups of Greenspan, looking more and more miserable as the photos progress.

The Dallas Morning News went one way with its assessment: "'I made a mistake,' Greenspan admits," while The Columbian in Vancouver, Wash., opted for a different interpretation: "Greenspan: Don't blame me for mess."

The Lima (Ohio) News, which goes with a photo that can only be described as an extreme close-up, sums it up in more neutral terms. "Flaw in the model," the headline says in reference to Greenspan's admission that mistakes were made during his 18 years of service.

Meanwhile, some papers are looking at presidential polls in their states. Barack Obama may have the lead in many places, including key battleground states, but don't tell that to the folks in Kentucky or Arkansas. "McCain's lead in state is safe," blares the Lexington Herald-Leader. The Morning News in Fayetteville, Ark., also shows John McCain leading Obama in a story under the headline "Poll Gives State Pulse."

But it's too close to call in Montana according to the Great Falls Tribune, which asks "Montana: Red or Blue?"

In Connecticut, the New Haven Register cautions against poll-watching under the banner headline "Polls Apart" with an AP story looking at dueling results of recent major polls.

John Maynard is a Newseum exhibits writer.

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