July 23, 2010
Daniel Schorr. (Newseum collection)

Daniel Schorr. (Mark Lennihan/Courtesy The Associated Press)

Remembering Daniel Schorr

Veteran broadcast journalist Daniel Schorr, who was a Europe-based newspaper stringer in 1953 when Edward R. Murrow offered him a job as a diplomatic correspondent for CBS News, died July 23. He was 93.

Schorr — a recipient of numerous awards, including three Emmys — was the last of Murrow’s legendary news team. In 1955, he opened CBS’s Moscow bureau. Two years later, U.S. viewers saw for the first time a Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, in their living rooms.

Schorr’s career began in 1946 when he wrote from Western Europe for various U.S. newspapers. In a span of more than 60 years, he witnessed firsthand key events in world history, including the creation of the NATO alliance, the Marshall Plan and the building of the Berlin Wall.

In 1966, he was reassigned to CBS’s Washington bureau, where he covered civil rights and other social issues. During the Senate’s Watergate hearings in 1973, Schorr’s exclusive report on President Richard M. Nixon’s list of the top 20 political “enemies” unexpectedly included Schorr’s name. He was No. 17 on the list.

Schorr’s long tenure at CBS ended in 1976 after he leaked a classified House committee report on the CIA to The Village Voice and refused to name his source.

“I consider it a matter of professional conscience as well as [a] constitutional right not to assist you in discovering the source,” Schorr told the U.S. House committee that investigated the leak.

In 1979, Schorr became the first on-air reporter for the new Cable News Network. He left CNN in 1985 after a dispute over editorial independence.

At his death, Schorr was a senior news analyst for National Public Radio programs, where he was a regular contributor to NPR programs for more than 20 years.

Exhibits on Schorr’s life and career are displayed in the News Corporation News History Gallery.

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