March 29, 2012
Andy Rooney. (Courtesy CBS News)

Andy Rooney. (Courtesy CBS News)

Andy Rooney's Desk, Typewriter at Newseum

WASHINGTON — For 27 years, "60 Minutes" pundit Andy Rooney sat behind the desk he built himself and talked about everything from umbrellas to newspapers and crowded elevators. He even had a segment about the contents on his desk.

On March 29, 2012, the family of the Emmy Award-winning commentator donated to the Newseum the contents of Rooney's office at CBS, which also served as his "60 Minutes" set. Rooney's walnut desk, one of his Underwood #5 typewriters, books and bookshelves were part of the donation to the Newseum's collection of historic artifacts.

"We embrace the opportunity to hold these pieces in the public trust," said Carrie Christoffersen, director of collections. "The first exciting step in that means the detailed work of unpacking and cataloguing the 40-plus boxes, bins and parcels of material from the space Rooney occupied for 27 years."

In 1985, Rooney moved from an office on the sixth floor of the CBS building to the seventh-floor office he occupied until his death last November at the age of 92.

Rooney's regular essays — "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney" — began July 2, 1978. The first one was about people who compiled lists of people who died in traffic accidents over the holidays. His last one — the 1,097th — was delivered Oct. 2, 2011.

"I wish I could do this forever," he said. "I can't, though."

There are no immediate plans to display Rooney's artifacts.

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