July 13, 2012
Newseum Ducklings. (Paul Sparrow/Newseum)

Newseum Ducklings. (Paul Sparrow/Newseum)

Newseum Ducklings: How, Where Are They Now?

WASHINGTON — Since the beginning of summer, when a nest of 11 ducklings hatched on the Newseum’s 7th-floor terrace, the museum’s newest residents have become a national media sensation.

Several television stations around the country have written stories about the ducks, who were first discovered by Newseum staff in May on the terrace overlooking historic Pennsylvania Avenue.

Since then, much has happened:

  • Quill, the name given to the mother duck by the Newseum’s Facebook fans, has flown the coop.
  • Five of the ducklings — Who, What, When, Where and Why — left the nest early.

Six ducklings — How, Copy, Edit, Lead, Print and Scoop — remain, where they have been provided a baby pool, a homemade tent, and daily food and water, compliments of the Newseum.

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