Newseum media coverage (Michael Bateman/Newseum)

A look at media coverage of the Newseum

Around the blogosphere, in newspapers and magazines, and from thousands of Newseum visitors, people around the globe are raving about their "amazing" "emotional" and "wonderful" experiences at the world's most interactive museum.

"Though most of the museums in Washington are free, this one is well worth the $20 fee." — Terri Akman, The DC 10

"The Newseum is a one-of-a-kind pleasure, a modern history and interactive science museum all rolled into one. We don’t care if it looks like a building Jason Bourne would infiltrate, the Newseum is cool way to kill an afternoon." — USA Travel Guide

"Maybe I'm biased, but this was the best museum I have ever visited." — Susan Fornoff, San Francisco Chronicle

"The new incarnation of the Newseum is dazzling, innovative and absorbing, a first-class addition to the capital's cultural institutions." — Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post

"From every frenetic corner, the Newseum fairly shouts, ‘News is necessary to a functioning democracy. News is fun, news is cool, news matters.'" — Maria Puente, USA Today

"Vietnam, Watergate, the moon landing, McCarthyism — those are just some of the extraordinary moments in our national history, documented by the press, and preserved here." — Bob Garfield, NPR On the Media

"The Newseum is one of the best things that has happened to the profession in years. … It is an innovative way to foster fascination and respect for truth-gathering and truth-telling." — Joe Burris, The (Baltimore) Sun

"Many Washington museums document the nation's history. ... As it elevates and illuminates the usually gritty, sometimes glamorous work of the press, the Newseum looks set to give its neighbors some competition." — Owen Phillips, Men's Vogue

"I went for a two-hour group tour — and stayed seven, exploring on my own until it closed." — Millie Ball, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune

"The Newseum has become a showplace for what the news business is all about. ... It's a highly advanced broadcast facility project, on top of a compelling museum." — Michael Grotticelli, Broadcast Engineering

"If you can leave the Newseum without a sense of respect and gratitude for the principles undergirding the news business, you're more jaded than I." — Helen Lounsbury, Bay City (Mich.) Times

"The Newseum ... is sheathed in glass, not masonry, to reveal some of its activity inside and counter the sealed-up monumentality so prevalent in Washington." — Deborah K. Dietsch, The Washington Times

"An endless network of corridors and theaters contains a wealth of news materials that are, at least to someone of my generation, a wonderful and moving evocation of the past. ... The Newseum is an attic simply packed with fascinating stuff." — Robert Campbell, The Boston Globe

The Newseum is "among the most prominent" museums in the world, "perched on the last buildable site on the presidential inaugural parade route between the Capitol and the White House. And it is one of the most ambitious, both in design and aspiration." — Katharine Q. Seelye, The New York Times

"At a time when journalists are reeling from scathing rebukes and public skepticism about their profession, the gleaming Newseum is poised to become a welcome reminder of all that's good about the business." — Jessica Meyers, American Journalism Review

"The importance of the First Amendment is hard to miss at the Newseum: Visitors are greeted with a three-story high engraving of the amendment's words next to the front entrance. ... The new location has a commanding view of the Capitol." — APME Gazette

"Nothing ever clarified for me the power and nature of print like the displays in the cavernous "history of news" gallery at the Newseum." — Rick Salutin, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

"The Newseum will be particularly exciting because officials expect it will be a place to spot news personalities and newsmakers alike." — Elizabeth Brotherton, Roll Call

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