Frank Mankiewicz

Frank Mankiewicz

Inside Media: Robert F. Kennedy

June 07, 2008

Guest: Frank Mankiewicz

Forty years ago, Frank Mankiewicz , Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's press secretary, expected Kennedy's presidential campaign to continue through the summer of 1968. Instead, the senator was shot by an assassin the night of the California primary. He died the next day, June 6.

"I think Robert Kennedy would have won the nomination," Mankiewicz said, "but I think it would have been a tough fight."

Kennedy, said Mankiewicz, planned on "forcing the issues of the war, poverty and urban unrest" in speeches and campaign appearances during the summer.

Mankiewicz recalled the intense hours of dealing with reporters and doctors after Kennedy was shot.

"It was probably the busiest day of my life," he said.

Mankiewicz also contrasted the media's current campaign coverage to that of 1968. Back then, the news cycle consisted of the morning newspaper and the evening news on TV, he explained. Today, "there's a story breaking every five or ten minutes."

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