Kimberly Dozier

Kimberly Dozier

Inside Media: Kimberly Dozier

July 06, 2008

Guest: Kimberly Dozier

After suffering life-threatening injuries covering the Iraq war, it would be understandable if Kimberly Dozier were reluctant to go back. Instead, the CBS News foreign correspondent is begging the network to return.

"I have a house in Jerusalem," Dozier says. "I have covered the Middle East for a decade."

Dozier’s new book, "Breathing the Fire,"chronicles her path to recovery after suffering serious injuries in a 2006 car bombing that killed four people, including CBS cameraman Paul Douglas and soundman James Brolan. Dozier has undergone numerous surgeries and extensive physiotherapy.

"The good news story about this is how amazingly far we’ve come in terms of combat trauma and medical trauma," she said. "They say if I was hit in 2003, I wouldn’t be here today."

Dozier has covered the Middle East for both The Washington Post and CBS News.

"For those of us who’ve lived there, I can tell you [the Middle East] is not always blowing up," said Dozier, who has a master’s degree in foreign affairs. "The problem is that you need more people in that part of the world trying to explain that world to this one."

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