Photo credit: Myung J. Chun/Courtesy The Associated Press

Photo credit: Myung J. Chun/Courtesy The Associated Press

Inside Media: Covering the O.J. Simpson Trial

June 20, 2010

Guests: Linda Deutsch and Jerrianne Hayslett

Associated Press special correspondent Linda Deutsch and Jerrianne Hayslett, media liaison for the Los Angeles Superior Court, knew from the beginning that the O.J. Simpson trial would gain a lot of attention.

"We knew this would be something major, but we did not know how big it would become," Deutsch said.

For Hayslett, the case made her realize "what journalism really is and really should be."

"It's for the people," she said.

Deutsch and Hayslett discussed the controversial issue of having the trial televised.

Hayslett, who described the case as a time of "nonstop questions," said the cameras allowed the trial to have a "longer term and wider impact than any other trial in history."

"There should be no restrictions," said Deutsch, whose daily routine involved racing to a phone during breaks to dictate the story lead.

Deutsch and Hayslett also talked about the importance of remaining neutral while covering such a notorious case.

"I try to listen with a clean slate. The reader or viewer is smart enough to make their own conclusions," Deutsch said.

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