The Future of News: Political Reporting

September 12, 2009

Guests: Jim VandeHei and Sam Donaldson

By Newseum staff
"I don't think [the news media] create the news, but we may take the wrong stories … and exaggerate them and make the audience think that that's the most important thing."
— Sam Donaldson

"Right now, you're getting a lot of information for free. Enjoy it, because that's going to change, probably in the next couple of years. … Despite the popular notion right now, people will pay for the information."
— Jim VandeHei

Program Summary

The Internet has accelerated the news cycle and changed political reporting. Guests Sam Donaldson and Jim VandeHei explain how the medium, along with talk radio, partisan Web sites and cable TV programs, can drive the political news agenda and exaggerate the importance of news stories.

About Sam Donaldson

Sam Donaldson is the former White House correspondent for ABC News. He joined ABC in 1967 and has hosted and anchored several ABC news broadcasts, including "World News Sunday," "Prime Time Live" and "This Week." Donaldson retired from full-time reporting in 2009.

About Jim VandeHei

Jim VandeHei is executive editor and co-founder of Politico, a nonpartisan media company covering national politics and Washington governance. VandeHei covered politics for The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post before launching Politico in 2007.

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