The Future of News: Who Decides What's News?

March 15, 2010
Location: Knight TV Studio

Guests: Bob Schieffer and Krishna Bharat

By Newseum staff

"Sometimes there is so much news, you don't hear any news. One of the jobs that those of us in more traditional media have is to cut through all of this."
— Bob Schieffer

"Just because there are 50 tweets saying there is a bomb on the subway, is there a bomb on the subway? … We have to respect the fact that traditional news organizations take the trouble to vet the news and find out if it is, in fact, true. And that is the reason on Google News, what we report at the top of the page is a function of how many people are reporting on it."
— Krishna Bharat

Program Summary

Who are the 21st century gatekeepers of the news? Guests Bob Schieffer of CBS News and Krishna Bharat, creator of Google News, discuss how machines are changing the way people access and report the news.

About Bob Schieffer

Bob Schieffer is broadcast journalism's most experienced Washington reporter. He is the network's chief Washington correspondent and also serves as anchor and moderator of "Face the Nation," CBS News's Sunday public affairs broadcast.

About Krishna Bharat

Krishna Bharat is a Distinguished Researcher at Google Inc. and leads a team developing Google' news products. He is the creator of Google News, which won the 2003 Webby Award in the news category.

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